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Our collection includes a diverse range of imagery in a variety of subjects.
New images and categories are added daily.
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Natural Sciences

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The RightsPlatform Difference

We simplify your process.

Search previously hard-to-access journal content via keyword, publication information or asset type for quick and easy search results.

License assets in minutes and download a file for use upon purchase.

Terms for use are clear, fee structures are reasonable and we’re always happy to assist with questions.

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The Right Partners

Launched in partnership with John Wiley & Sons, Inc., RightsPlatform Marketplace is the newest extension of RightsPlatform, a robust rights-management tool with workflow management, asset management, and photo research capabilities.

Gain unprecedented access to Wiley’s prestigious collection of assets previously only discoverable to journal subscribers.

The Right Choice

Partner with us. Publishers, we can turn your visual assets into revenue. Our tool is uniquely positioned to manage the sale of your imagery.

The Lumina team can assist with buyer negotiations, transactions and provide insight to the buyer perspective.

Our Amazon S3 cloud storage is expandable to accommodate your content and an expert team can assist with metadata tagging to enhance the discoverability of your assets.