"What is the RightsPlatform Marketplace?"

Lumina’s online Rights Platform leverages tagged metadata to empower search for visual content such as images, figures, tables, graphs and charts - either from a specific publication or via subject-specific keywords. The user-friendly e-commerce interface enables seamless licensing transactions and the delivery of high resolution files.

Recently, Wiley has started using Lumina Datamatics RightsPlatform Marketplace to increase the discoverability of millions of images from Wiley Online Library.

Contact us for more information and how to increase discoverability of your content.

Transform your visual assets

Lumina Datamatics reveals a revolutionary proprietary platform that enables publishers to buy & sell existing visual assets, thus creating a new revenue stream.

Niche images, videos and text permissions
Scientific images
Subject specific illustrations

How ?

Lumina Datamatics’ proprietary platform allows publishers to store, search, review, buy, sell, and manage visual assets.

Simply create a login ID and upload your assets to boost your revenue. The platform currently comprises a total of around 1.5 million assets.

To enhance the searchability of your assets, ensure all your metadata is in place. Even if your metadata is incomplete, do not worry – we have the right experience and expertise to perform metadata tagging, regardless of the volumes.

Project and workflow management tools
Customizable reporting capabilities
Lightbox-based platform for media asset review
Ability to communicate directly with other client systems
API connections to several preferred image and media vendors
Ability to generate license agreements to third parties on behalf of our clients
Rights management tracking tools